Age Play Phone Sex – Young Age Play

Age Play Phone SexI’m always asked what kind of age play phone sex calls I like best. I enjoy any kind of young age play call as long as I get to be young, and played with by someone older.

I don’t know why it turns me on so much to imagine myself as a young girl, and having sex with much older men. Daddy, older brother, uncle, even grandpa – I love them all!

I love having my tinny little tits squeezed and licked, my bald little pussy spread wide with a big fat dick, or my cute little face covered with hot sticky cum.

What are your little girl fantasies? Do you like your age play girls to be sweet and innocent, curious, or just horny little sluts? Do you want them to want you, or do you prefer to just take what you want by force? I’m good with it all!

So are you ready for some hot little girl sex yet? If not – call me and I bet I can get you in the mood in a hurry. Age Play phone sex with me is where you can freely play out all those naughty little girl sex fantasies. Hurry and call! I’m definitely in the mood to play. Aren’t you?

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No Limits Phone Sex

cum on tits, teen boobs, erect nipplesThe best thing about no limits phone sex is all the dirty fantasies you guys come up with.

Dad does daughter incest is considered a no limits phone sex  call where daddy fucks his little girl and shoots cum on her tits.

Or step dad who love to act out rape fantasies while mommy is away. Making his little step daughter suck cock and get her first anal.

Maybe a good no limits phone sex call would be if I played the little slut who sneaks into a bar with my fake id and ends up getting gang banged and used as a cum dumpster.

Or I’m a naughty little chatter box in class and have to stay behind for a spanking.  That usually makes my young pussy so wet I slide to my knees and give teacher a blowjob making him cum in my mouth ~ and I always swallow. 😉

Do I catch Daddy jerking off into my dirty panties and blackmail him into being my fuck toy?  Daddy lick my little bald pussy.  If you are really good at it I might not tell mommy what I caught you doing.  If your tongue gets tired, Daddy, you lose!

You’re probably getting the idea now when I say no limits no rules phone sex fantasy I mean it. I don’t mind talking about really naughty stuff. Sometimes the extra taboo stuff is what makes it so exciting! You know what I mean. 😉

I’m having naughty thoughts about no limits phone sex already. giggle

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Masturbation Phone Sex

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Admit it.  You love masturbation phone sex, right?  I think you like knowing that there are girls masturbating on the other end of the line.

You might like me to tell you a story about girls masturbating too.

Well, I have a club.  A very prestigious club for the most popular girls, but there’s a catch.  To be admitted into my club you have to masturbate in front of all the existing members.

There’s nothing like the power of forcing a schoolgirl to strip naked, young teen pussy exposed, then watch her fingering pussy and not letting her stop until she cums.

Now what she doesn’t know is if I think she’s faking it I have the girl punished in various ways.  Sometimes I make them learn how to eat pussy. *giggles*

Sometimes I get a super huge dildo from my mom’s nightstand and make them ass fuck their tight little butt hole.

Or sometimes, when I’m especially unhappy with them, I make them give the dirty old man next door a blowjob.

Does that make me evil?  Maybe a little *smiles*  but I know how to get what I want.

Mmmm and just talking about getting what I want makes my little slit all wet, I need to just slide my fingers in my panties, and, I think you should call me for masturbation phone sex now.

Beth Ann
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Submissive Asian Phone Sex

asian-teenWith their simple beauty and mysterious, exotic looks, young Asian girls appeal to many men – especially those who seeking submissive Asian phone sex.

Often more feminine and more into traditional female roles,  Asian girls are raised to be obedient.

Because of their submissive nature, sexy Asians are the ideal fantasy of a sex slave, willing to do anything to fulfill their partner’s requests. They are caring, passionate, and know what it means to take care of the men in their lives.

This Asian teen is the delicate lotus flower that will awaken the passion in you for a taste of the orient. Call her for submissive Asian girl phone sex.

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Teen Blowjob Phone Sex


Who doesn’t enjoy a hot, wet sloppy blowjob – even if it is over the phone with teen blowjob phone sex! Good thing I love giving blowjobs so much. *giggle*

Just because my Mom always has to go out of town on business trips and leaves her little teen slut home alone, doesn’t mean Mom’s boyfriend stays away. If anything, he comes more often when she’s gone ~ and harder!! *giggle*

Well Mom did say that I should take care of things while she was away. This last trip her boyfriend taught me how to give a blowjob and insists that giving him a daily teen blowjob is one of those chores.  I just love when he blows his hot sticky cum in my mouth and I love swallowing cum. Some chores are much more pleasant than others!

He says that Mom does other things for him too and that the next time she has to go out of town, he’s going to teach me. I can’t wait!  This little teen schoolgirl is in for a biology lesson for sure!

But until then, he calls me every night for some teen blowjob phone sex before bed. Call this young teen and I’ll show you how I give a phone blowjob!

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Young Teen Phone Sex

I always hated that my titties were so small, but it doesn’t seem to bother my young teen phone sex callers at all. They actually like them little!

I was always the youngest looking girl in my class at school. The other girls were getting big boobs and had all the boys chasing after them, while my little teen tits never grew any bigger.

I begged my dad for a  boob job. He just laughed at me and had me raise my top to show him my naked boobies.

Daddy felt and squeezed my little boobies, pinched my puffy nipples and said he thought my young teen tits with their little pink nipples were just about perfect. He called them his little cupcakes, and said they would probably really look good with frosting on them! (giggle) He can be so silly sometimes.

He said that school boys may chase after the girls with the big tits, but that daddies liked young teen girls with cute boobies, just like mine.

Do you like young-looking teen girls with tiny titties? I’ll let you play with mine when you call me for some young teen phone sex!

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Virgin Teen Phone Sex

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After school I go online to sex chat with guys. They send me naked pics and I send them self shot photos of my teen tits, bald pussy and cute ass. I don’t do anything for real, just play and tease guys. Some guys call me a cocktease but other guys like virgin teen phone sex because we’re like dirty but innocent at the same time.

One guy lived close by.  He suggested we meet for real time fun and offered to buy me some presents. I was curious because I had only made out with boys and given them  handjobs, I hadn’t been with a real man.

He really liked that I was a teen virgin. We met at a park, took a walking trail to a secluded spot where he told me to show him my little tits. He pulled out his huge cock. It was so big, I was scared. He told me not to be scared and he would buy some nice presents for me. He wanted to see my virgin pussy. I pulled down my little shorts and sexy thong. Then he pulled my hair, got rough with me and made me bend over. He said he was going to take my cherry! Oh my god it hurt! I cried out, he didn’t care, he just kept fucking my tight virgin pussy till he moaned and I felt his cum shot inside me. Then he zipped up and said, let’s go shopping for your presents.

Have you ever had a fantasy about raping a popping a girl’s cherry?  If so then my guess is you’d really get off on virgin teen phone sex.


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Bro-Sis Incest Phone Sex

little-sister-posingDo you enjoy brother-sister incest phone sex? I love sharing mine!

My older brother is always looking at porn and I told him that I was going to be one of those sexy babes in those porn mags too when I get older. Without even looking up, he asked what made me think anyone would want to look at my little teen tits.

I told him that when I was centerfold that I bet lots of guys would be jerking off to my pictures and shooting cum on my tits. He just laughed and said, “Yeah? Show me what you got.”

He probably thought I would be too embarrassed to show him, but I wasn’t at all. I just slipped down my sundress and struck a pose, thrusting my small breasts forward.

I honestly think I took him by surprise, because he had a funny look on his face, seeing his little sister posing like that. About time he realized that his little sister was turning into a hot young teen.

Think I’m going to start teasing him more with my teen boobies and teen ass just to see that look on his face again. Brother fucks little sister has a nice ring to it, and besides, brother-sister incest might be fun!

Have you ever tried incest phone sex? I could be your little sister if you wanted. 😉

Sweet Ashley
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